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Wesley Acres, Des Moines

Experiencing the energy of personal choice

Making your own decisions. You've been doing that all your adult life. Why would you stop now? After all, choosing what you want to do, and how and when you want to do it, has an incredible impact on how much you'll probably enjoy each day. It's at the heart of getting the most out of life, which happens to be at the heart of our mission. 

Simply enjoying yourself. Somewhere between a long time ago and right now, you discovered what it was that made you happy. We're here to help you make sure that never changes. 

Think of Wesley Acres as your headquarters for living

Downtown Des Moines

One of the greatest things about Wesley Acres is our location south of Grand Avenue, in the heart of Des Moines, which puts us close to so much that makes life fun. 

So even though we offer fine dining in The Oaks Restaurant, more casual in The Cafe on Grand, and family style in Central Dining, we're within walking distance of many other delightful restaurants. Plus grocery stores, banking, shopping and entertainment opportunities are minutes away. 

Focused on your health and well-being

Perhaps you've been getting your exercise driving to a local gym to workout. Wouldn't you rather just saunter downstairs to our 6,300-square-foot fitness center, complete with Aquatic Center, where you'll find dozens of classes to choose from? You can have a program specifically tailored to your goals by our full-time wellness director and fitness team, who will mentor you as you pursue those goals at your particular pace. It's all about our deep commitment to health and well-being in all its forms, no matter where you live, not matter what your situation. 

Live Well

Concert on the lawnIf art, entertainment and continuing education appeal to you, you'll find plenty to enjoy right here in the form of classes, exhibits, workshops, and performances. 

This year Wesley Acres residents enjoyed book tours, a lecture series, choir performances, Farmers' Markets, Wine and Cheese on the Rooftop, picnics, socials, worship services, outings to local parks and entertainment centers, and a lot more.

There's also our Living Well series of events throughout the year, each designed to educate and entertain. During the summer months, Wesley Acres hosts the "Wesley Acres on the Lawn Series," with Tai Chi, Metro Arts Jazz in July Concert, Qigong, and Yoga.

We're simply a hub of active living for older adults in the area - a place where you'll find a rich, deep connection to the entire community of which we're such a central part. 

Celebrating every opportunity

A toastNo matter where you live at Wesley Acres, you'll find the same attention to detail, energy, philosophy and commitment to service throughout our community. 

There's no more liberating feeling than making your own choices, thriving in an invigorating environment that offers countless ways of expressing your sense and sensibility each day. 

Freedom of choice

Wesley Acres offers a variety of living options. One great lifestyle is just a phone call away. Independent living options include the Grand Apartments, Bolton Apartments, Sargent Apartments and Wesley Central. Wesley Acres also offers assisted living apartments, Helpful Living apartments at the Austin Center, John's Harbor memory support and the John Stoddard Health Center for short-term rehabilitation stays and long-term care. 

Whichever option you choose, we'll build a relationship with you based on the unique individual you are, encouraging you to remain an independent, healthy and engaged in life as possible. 

Come let us show you a place everyone is talking about.

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Wesley Acres, Des Moines

3520 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312

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Wesley Acres Community Booklet

Welcome to Wesley Acres! Please enjoy this booklet highlighting the services and amenities Wesley Acres has to offer; and then come take a look for yourself. 

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"My wife and I enjoyed Meals on Wheels together for many years before she needed more care at Wesley Acres. Now that I've moved to a Central apartment not far from Stoddard Health Center, we can share meals once again and see each other every day. We are blessed by being among people who care so much about us."
Don Boyvey, Des Moines
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