Short-Term Rehabilitation Helps COVID Patient Regain Health

posted by Lisa Ryan on Sunday, February 7, 2021

IRC short-term rehabilitation client Skip, surrounded by his care team

We are delighted to share this success story from Illini Restorative Care, a WellSpire Community
-- one of our 5-star-rated campuses in the Quad Cities.

Along with our 10 other communities, IRC specializes in enhancing the strength and health of its short-term rehabilitation clients, and working with their medical providers to get them home just as quickly as possible. What's more, our WesleyLife at Home services can help keep them healthy and strong once they've returned home!

Read Skip's story below. Thank you to the IRC team for capturing it!


IRC is honored to introduce you to our friend, Skip, who came to our short-term rehabilitation in early December. Before Skip joined us, he had been fighting for his life after being diagnosed and hospitalized with COVID-19.

During his hospitalization, Skip experienced respiratory failure and was intubated for approximately two weeks. After he was extubated and when he arrived at IRC, Skip was unable to walk, speak clearly, eat or drink, or complete activities of daily living, such as dressing himself or taking care of his nutritional needs.

After 64 days of receiving nursing care as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapy at IRC, Skip can now walk more than 450 feet, speak clearly, eat and drink whatever he chooses, and get himself ready for the day.

Best of all, he is ready to rejoin his family at home!

Here are Skip's comments about his experience at IRC:

"IRC is full of great people who are willing to help you do anything you want within reason. I have changed since I have been here and I have gotten my strength back. Everyone says ‘hi’ and they all know my name ... and the food is great!”

Thank you, Skip, for inspiring us and for trusting IRC with your care and rehabilitation. The IRC team is so proud of you, and we are all so happy for you and your family!

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