Humbled by the work of 'God's angels' - celebrating National Nurses Week

May 05, 2021  |  by WesleyLife

Rob headshot(2)I’ll keep this short, but I wanted to make sure to recognize all WesleyLife nurses on the first day of National Nurses Week 2020. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as moved to recognize a professional day of commemoration as I am this morning.

We appreciate our nurses every day. But since the beginning of the pandemic, these women and men have been on the front lines, providing far more than the quality medical care they extend to residents and clients on a regular basis.

The past several weeks, they have been called upon to drain their reserves of compassion, to mask their own worry, and to power through their own fatigue for the good of those who count on them. And in true WesleyLife fashion, there has been no complaining, no lamenting — just a collective desire to serve more and do more for those who place their trust in us.

I could not feel more humbled by the work I see and hear about every day … the work that comes from the hands of these individuals who are often referred to as “God’s angels,” and with good reason.

I hope that today and every day, everyone who feels comfortable doing so will join me in praying for the safely of our nurses. And to every WesleyLife nurse reading this today: We need you, we value you, and we honor you. Thank you for your skill, compassion, and dedication.

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