Meals on Wheels MINIs

In 2014, WesleyLife partnered with one of the most iconic car brands in the world to increase both efficient operation and public awareness of its Meals on Wheels program.

With support from Unity Point-Des Moines and Willis Auto Campus, WesleyLife transitioned in November to a fleet of 22 MINIs to deliver hundreds of thousands of meals to clients every year. The MINIs are among the most visually distinctive automobiles in the world, and WesleyLife leaders hope they generate more awareness of the program.

Prior to arrival of the MINI fleet, WesleyLife team members used personal vehicles to deliver meals to more than 900 clients each week day and were reimbursed for mileage. Today, they are using an assortment of MINI Countryman and Hardtop models.

Unity Point Health-Des Moines contributed $75,000 to fund the fleet, while Willis Auto Campus worked with corporate leaders at MINI to provide a competitive leasing arrangement that included all regular maintenance. Willis also contributed the work of wrapping each vehicle with WesleyLife Meals on Wheels messaging; thereby, creating rolling billboards for the service. 

From their introduction in November through the end of 2014, the MINIs traveled 32,680 miles around the Des Moines metro area and delivered 35,206 meals.