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"You couldn't have asked for a more helpful staff for residents. If there is a blessing in being in a skilled rehab center, it was in meeting new friends...the care is so compassionate. It didn't seem like I'd be able to return to my home but with the encouragement and excellent therapy I received at the Halcyon House, I've been able to get back to my life and have returned to doing water aerobics!"
Evelyn Garrett

Everything to know about Skilled Rehab

“Get Well and Go Home” with Skilled Rehabilitation

Skilled rehabilitation services from WesleyLife can help you “get well and go home” following a hospital stay. We offer services at all our Communities for Healthy Living. Here’s everything you need to know about skilled rehab.

What is skilled rehabilitation?

Skilled rehab is also known as post-hospital or post-acute care. It’s designed to improve your transition back home. If you are receiving skilled rehab nursing services, that means you no longer need an acute care setting that includes around-the-clock doctor, surgery, emergency and ICU services, but still need clinical services and rehabilitation to help ensure your recovery progresses. This may include skilled nursing, physical therapy, nutrition management, social services, and discharge planning.

All care is directed by your doctor, and our team will be in regular contact with you, your family and your healthcare provider(s).

How long will I be in skilled rehab?

With a focus on short-term rehabilitation, most people are discharged home within four to six weeks.  If you should need a little more time—or you choose to stay a little longer to get a little stronger—we offer intermediate- and long-term care services in most locations. Your recovery is dependent upon factors including your overall health and well-being prior to your hospital stay and the condition or surgery that necessitated that stay.

Is skilled rehab covered by Medicare?

Most qualified skilled rehabilitation stays are covered by Medicare. Stays that are not Medicare-eligible are often covered by private insurance. Contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage details.

How do I qualify for skilled rehab or nursing?

For a skilled rehab stay to be covered by Medicare, you must have been admitted as an inpatient for three overnights in the last 30 days (some patients may stay overnight in the hospital; however, they are admitted under “observation,” which does not constitute a qualified stay).  Most of our skilled rehab guests come directly from the hospital; however, we do accept patients who have been discharged from the hospital and have a need for skilled rehab within 30 days of discharge. Your doctor will determine if you have a skilled rehabilitation need, and you’ll need a doctor’s order for skilled care.

Is there a limit to how long I can receive skilled care?

If Medicare is your primary payer source, you are given up to 100 days if your stay is found medically necessary. Within that 100 days, you must be showing improvement for Medicare to continue to cover your stay.

Am I eligible only once for 100 days of skilled care?

You can regain 100 days of your skilled benefit once you’ve achieved a 60-day “spell of wellness.” That means you've had no additional hospitalizations within 60 days of your skilled rehab discharge.

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