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Floor Plans of Edgewater

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Independent living apartments

Well-appointed apartments featuring a variety of spacious floor plans set the stage for a lifestyle you'll control and enjoy. Lots of opportunities to explore and develop new friends and new interests. Lots of time to relax and enjoy watching the world go by. As with everything at Edgewater, it's your choice. 

Edgewater invites residents to customize their apartment or villa, so no two are exactly alike and many have unique features. The present design layouts of each apartment or villa may vary somewhat from these sample floor plans. 

Independent living villasVilla

    Brookside (assisted living apartments)

    For those you need a bit of help in their daily routines, an assisted living residence at Brookside can be a wonderful solution, where each day is fresh with opportunity and a positive outlook on life. 

    No entrance fee is required to live in one of our assisted living apartments. Pay one all-inclusive monthly fee. 

    Beacon Springs (memory support private suites)

    At Beacon Springs, our devotion to personalized care is at the heart of supporting persons with Alzheimer's disease and dementia stay independent, healthy and engaged in life.

    No entrance fee is required to live in one of our memory support suites. Pay one all-inclusive monthly fee.

    The Cottages (health center for short-term skilled nursing rehabilitation care or long-term care, private suites)

    The Cottages present a completely different approach to short- and long-term skilled nursing services and is built on the idea that the more decisions any person can make for themselves, the happier, healthier and more independent they will be.  Made up of our households, each comprised of 10 private suites with private bath and shower, along with central living, dining and kitchen areas.

    No entrance fee is required to stay or reside at The Cottages. Pay one all-inclusive daily fee.

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