WesleyLife Week Devotionals

During WesleyLife Week, time is set aside each day for team members and residents to watch a video devotional. A devotional is a short personal story, focused on a particular spiritual passage, intended to teach, inspire, comfort or challenge us.   

Devotionals help remind us of our mission as a faith-based organization and our belief in the power of the spirit, both human and divine. It is our job to support that spirit and inspire others to lead healthier, happier lives. The daily devotionals authored by a team member or individual we serve. We hope you find meaning in these stories, and that they help enhance your feelings of worth, purpose and meaning. 

Video Devotionals

  • 2019 Daily Devotional Facilitator Guide


Monday, July 8th 

Tuesday, July 9th
Wednesday, July 10th 
Thursday, July 11th
Friday, July 12