WesleyLife Week Awards

WesleyLife Awards

WesleyLife Team Member Awards

  • Summit Award. The Summit Award recognizes the journey related to health and well-being. The summit of a mountain is its highest peak, and likewise, this award recognizes a role model who deserves to be lifted up and recognized for his or her actions, behaviors and beliefs regarding health and well-being.

  • Transforming Aging Award. The Transforming Aging Award celebrates those who actively work to change the perception of aging.

  • Passion and Purpose Award. The Passion and Purpose Award was created to celebrate those who have a deep connection to and ability to extend our mission.

  • Rock Star Service Award. The purpose of the Rock Star Service Award is to celebrate those with the gift of hospitality and service.

WesleyLife Resident or Client Award

  • Healthy Impact Award. WesleyLife is looking to recognize a WesleyLife resident or client who serves as a health and well-being champion. Someone who is active in many ways — from volunteering to being physically active to exemplifying a positive attitude toward life. Someone who continues to make a positive impact in the lives of all those around them in ways great and small. Considering nominating a deserving individual today!