Welcome, WellSpire Team Members!

Short-term rehabilitation at Illini Restorative Care

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. Together, we will do great things! 


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On behalf of WellSpire leadership, please know we are so happy you’re here.

As we join together to provide health and well-being services throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, we’re all united by a common thread – to transform the aging experience, and to help older adults live lives of independence, purpose, and meaning, wherever they call home.

Working with WellSpire will involve so much more than collecting a paycheck. You’re here because you want to continue to make a difference to the people you serve, and we’re grateful for that. We want to be the kind of organization that causes people to say, when they hear our name, “I’ve heard so much about WellSpire; I really need to find out what they’re all about.” That’s the kind of reputation that’s built by people who love their jobs, share how much they love their jobs, and recruit other great people to join them. Generating that feeling among our team members is our goal.

Providing the Information You Need

First, though, we know you have questions. WellSpire’s leaders are always available to address your concerns – but we felt it might make more sense to collect all your questions in one area and answer them here for the benefit of anyone else who might be wondering the same thing.

Our "Q&A" document will be a living document; we'll add to it regularly with questions from this page, or questions generated by other feedback. You can access that document here.

In addition, for your convenience as we transition, you can access other documents that might address some of your concerns.

Team Member Letter, April 2019

Team Member Letter

WesleyLife Leadership Bios

Team Member Rewards Summary

Paid Time Away from Work

Frequently Asked Questions 

Team Member Handbook

2019 Benefit Summary

Medical Associates Full Provider Directory

Medical Associates Clinton Provider Directory

Health Insurance FAQ

Deductible (HMO) Plan Detail

HSA 1 Plan Detail

HSA 2 Plan Detail

This is the Place: Ask Your Questions!

Also, feel free to enter your questions in the form below. We’ll do our best to respond to you personally if the question is specific. If others would likely benefit from the answer, we'll add the question and response to the "living" Q&A document

As we work to provide a workplace where our team members are able to live out their personal values and purpose every day, we will look to each of you to help us develop a culture that makes WellSpire the best possible place to work. Let’s get a dialogue going, and let’s help one another create WellSpire.

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