Eating Wisely

Healthy Meals in a Hurry

In April 2016, Mary Krisco, Registered Dietician from Iowa State Extension, presented on how to shop and cook just once on the weekend, so that you have a variety of delicious, healthy meals to serve with no hassle throughout the week.  

Here are the recipes and tip sheets that can help you make healthy meals in a hurry. 

Want more information? Check out the ISU Extension website: 

Plant Slant: The Fifth Habit for a Blue Zone Lifestyle

Do you have a "plant slant"? Most people in Blue Zones® areas only consume small amounts of meat while eating a rich array of fresh fruits and vegetables, packed with disease-fighting nutrients.

Plant based recipeThe cornerstone of most centenarian diets includes beans, favorites including fava, black, soy and lentils. Try considering meat as a condiment and buy the leanest, finest meat you can afford. Limit portions to the size of a deck of cards and don't exceed serving it more than twice a week. This complies with the USDA's MyPlate recommendations to make fruits, vegetables and grains the majority of your intake.

You can also focus on eating nuts—a handful a day can give you an extra two to three years of life expectancy!

If you're looking for a great "plant slant" recipe, check out the Blue Zones Project Iowa recipes on Pinterest. 

WesleyLife's Network Support Center Health & Well-Being Committee has formed a partnership with Hy-Vee to provide fun "Plant Slant" cooking demonstrations in the Johnston office's Thrive Center, as well as nutritional educational services to its team members, so they may enjoy longer, healthier lives.  

Cooking demoFeatured in the photo is Dietitian Elizabeth Pohlman and Chef David Jensen from the Urbandale Hy-Vee, during the October 2015 Healthy Holiday Recipes demonstration.

If you're looking for some healthy holiday alternatives, you'll enjoy these delicious recipes.

Whipping up healthy recipes is easier than you think by using these healthy substitutions courtesy of Hy-Vee. 

And to make it even easier this busy holiday season, check out this printable and informative shopping list from WebMD that explains the impact certain foods have on our bodies and includes dozens of tasty food options. 

American Heart Association 

Book coverThe American Heart Association offers a wealth of information and online resources:

  • browse recipes
  • watch cooking videos for making heart-healthy meals for you and your family
  • read hundreds of short articles about simple cooking, dining out, weight and stress management, healthier kids, and ways to quit smoking 
  • Hearth Health Matters, a free online magazine
  • Grocery guide
  • And so much more