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  • Team Member Goes Above and Beyond, and is Honored in Return

    posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017 An Edgewater server goes above and beyond -- and is honored in a special way.

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  • Wesley Wheels Connects Loved Ones to Life's Memories

    posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Marguerit, a Park Centre resident, was resigned to missing the 35th wedding anniversary celebration for her son and daughter-in-law in Colo, Iowa. Except for her, the entire family was planning to be present. Adding to the specialness of the occasion, Marguerit's son was battling some health issues.

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  • 5 Ways to Stay Active as You Age

    posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Staying active as we age is important to help us maintain both physical and mental well-being.

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  • Slips and Falls: Take Charge of Your Home Safety

    posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 Each year thousands of older Americans fall at home. One slip can lead to broken bones, a disability, even death.

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  • Home Is Where The Healing Is

    posted on Monday, January 27, 2014 Although the hospital is a place where you, as a patient, can be surrounded by the professional expertise of medical staff, state-of-the-art equipment to monitor health and 24/7 care when needed, it is missing one thing: your bed.

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  • Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

    posted on Friday, December 20, 2013 When loved ones live far away from each other, the holidays may be one home safety for seniors home care wesleylife iowa of the only opportunities for family members and caregivers, both near and far, to personally observe the health and safety of their aging parents.

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