CNAs and Aides: "The Faces of WesleyLife"

posted on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Isha CNADear WesleyLife Team Members,

Happy National Nursing Assistants Week to our CNAs and aides!

We appreciate you all year round, but this year in particular, we feel a special need as an organization to express our gratitude. Since early March, our CNAs and aides have put their personal concerns aside to provide skilled, compassionate care to those we serve. In some cases, they, like our nurses and others, have isolated from their spouses, partners, children, and families to help ensure those they love stay healthy. They have sacrificed, and will continue to sacrifice.

Some of you know I began my career as a CNA when I was in high school to help pay my college tuition, and also because I felt a calling to work with older adults. The community in Jefferson, Iowa, that gave me my start in aging services equipped me with knowledge that shaped me and continues to guide me today. I’m filled with gratitude when I think of my leaders there, my fellow team members, and the residents with whom I shared a real bond.

What I also remember about my time as a CNA: It was hard work! The job was fulfilling, no doubt — but, much like any job in healthcare, it’s physical, intellectual, and emotional work. If you are reading this as a CNA or an aide, I hope you are able to find at least a few minutes at the end of your day to disconnect and to downshift.  

I hear often from residents, clients, and family members these days, and when they express their thanks to a particular community or service, they always seem to mention at least one CNA or aide by name. That drives home the point that for many individuals and families, our CNAs and aides are the faces of WesleyLife, helping to bring needed reassurance and comfort.

I wish I could thank all our CNAs and aides personally today. From the bottom of my heart as well as the collective heart that is WesleyLife, please know how much you are appreciated. I’ll look forward to seeing the celebrations on social media this week.

With gratitude,

Rob Kretzinger

CEO, WesleyLife 

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