WesleyLife and COVID: Working Toward Reopening!

posted by Lisa Ryan on Friday, September 25, 2020

Man in mask We look forward to welcoming family members and friends back to our campuses! 

Iowa and Illinois have recommending phased, gradual reopening processes for senior living communities. As we evaluate ongoing guidance, each WesleyLife and WellSpire campus is communicating weekly with residents and family members about reopening plans for that location.

Various criteria must be met before a community advances to a new reopening phase. As campuses pass through the phases, changes you will see include:

  • Reopening of communal dining, salons, and other services and amenities 
  • Resuming of group activities
  • Visits from family members (by appointment, and with social distancing and face masks)

Each of our communities is moving through the phases as quickly and safely as possible. If you have questions about your loved one's location, please contact the Executive Director of that campus. 


Please note: Due to increased need for meal delivery among members of the Greater Des Moines community, we continue to seek additional volunteer drivers for WesleyLife Meals on Wheels. Read the details. Also, if you know any older adult or military veteran who could benefit from meal delivery at this time, please call us at (515) 699-3243. We operate on a sliding-fee scale and will do our best to work with anyone in need. 


How We Can Help You at Home

As always, through our WesleyLife at Home network of services, we offer assistance not just in our communities, but to older adults living in their houses or apartments, with relatives, or in other living arrangements. That assistance ranges from medical and non-medical home health care to hospice care, transportation, and Meals on Wheels.

Simply call Kelli or Irina at (515) 978-2777 to learn more, or to start services. And please be assured our caregivers continue to follow Centers for Disease Control recommendations regarding hygiene, health, and safety. 


Even as COVID restrictions begin to ease, we continue to recommend all individuals follow these health, safety, and personal-hygiene practices:

  • Wear a face covering when you are in public. (Please note that as visitors are once again welcomed onto WesleyLife and WellSpire campuses, all individuals must wear a mask at all times, even if you remain outdoors.)
  • Wash your hands frequently, for about 20 seconds each time, using hot water and soap. Don’t forget wrists and fingernails. In between washings, use hand sanitizer frequently.
  • At all times, practice social distancing: Make every effort to remain 6 feet from the closest person.
  • Monitor yourself for symptoms. Most people with COVID-19 report fever and tiredness, a cough, muscle aches, and/or breathing difficulties.  
  • In an ongoing effort to keep our clients and residents safe, all WesleyLife team members are asked to be vigilant about the protocols above when they are away from work.


Community-Specific COVID-19 Updates

Brio of Johnston


Halcyon House


Heritage House

Illini Restorative Care (WellSpire)

Park Centre

The Village

Wesley Acres

WesleyLife at Home 

Westwing Place (WellSpire)


Comprehensive Resources 

The Iowa Department of Public Health offers this comprehensive look at COVID-19. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact your physician. Additional resources are listed below.

Thank you for helping us keep our communities healthy and safe. 

COVID-19 in Iowa

Centers for Disease Control comprehensive coronavirus site

Myth-busters and protective measures from the World Health Organization

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