Shawn Drafahl

WesleyLife external partner, design services  

Shawn Drafahl is the owner of Drafahl Design Company in Johnston, Iowa.  He and his wife Lori have been married for 22 years and have two beautiful children, the oldest graduating from high school this year.

Shawn has many clients, including WesleyLife.  He does all of the graphic design for all eight of our communities for healthy living and our other programs and services.

In his spare time Shawn loves to screen print, dive into football helmet history and restoration and is an avid sports fan. An interesting fact about Shawn includes Thanksgiving 1993 when he spent the day with O.J. and Nicole Simpson at the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins football game!


Read the Transcript of Shawn's Devotional:

I’m a graphic designer in Johnston, and when I received a call from WesleyLife I was excited to go meet with them and talk about some design needs they had. 

I feel I am a pretty good judge of character, and after that first meeting I felt they were a perfect client for me.  Now that I have done multiple jobs for them and more and more of the team I realized I was spot-on with that.  They are a perfect client for me.

 I met several WesleyLife marketing directors at a summit a few months ago, and many of them had not met me or knew much about me, so I shared my background with them – past jobs, some of my beliefs, and I shared some of my testimony with them.  I appreciate so much how much they accepted me and how nice they were to me.  Christian-based companies can sometimes be more concerned about profits and losses than they are about Christ.  At a recent meeting at WesleyLife I learned something that moved me quite a bit.  We talked about the Good Samaritan Fund.  Realizing that a resident could not lose their place to live just because they weren’t able to pay really moved me. 

I thought that was partially true, maybe it was too hard for someone to be accepted to that program, but the Good Samaritan Fund makes sure you have a place to live.  WesleyLife follows through with their Purpose and that’s what makes me feel that they are a Christian-based company, and not just say they are a Christian-based company.  God gave me WesleyLife as a client, and I am so thankful to Him that I get to work with like-minded people who have the integrity to honor Him and follow through with their purpose for giving.  Many times I will help a client reach a sales goal, push a product, or service – and that’s okay because that is how advertising and marketing work, but with WesleyLife the Power of Purpose to help people who really need it, not just want it, is very rewarding.