Ione Burham

Resident, Halcyon House

The date is June 20, 1922. On a farm south of Riverside, Iowa, Ione and twin brother Milo officially joined planet earth. When they were 6, the family moved to Washington, Iowa, where Ione matriculated through the Washington public school system and junior college. In 1943 she married her high school sweetheart, Everett, and together they raised two sons.

A potpourri of experience and challenges ensued for Ione. She spent 34 years as “queen bee” in the United Methodist parsonage (Everett was a minister); used music as a calming avocation; spent much time “throwing food” at folks (Ione cooked many civic organizations); worked with church youth through music, attended and coordinated educational trips and work camps (including a mission trip to Japan); made 592 pies in 2016 (she bakes pies for the Applewood Bistro as well as residents and staff at Halcyon House) and kuliches that literally melt in your mouth; wrote political letters to the editor of the local newspaper; and tried to convince folks that gooseberries really are good.

For 28 years Ione has been privileged to call Halcyon House her home. “Life is good!” she says.


Read the Transcript of Ione's Devotional:

It has been said the happiest people are those who know God has plan for them right now, not in some far distant future. I believe God’s plan for me includes my being happy. Happiness is not the accumulation of great wealth or having the best of everything; rather, it is a byproduct of making the most out of what you have and sharing it with others. Though our vision dims, the walk is a little unsteady, as sometimes we need to be reminded. Galatians Chapter 6 admonishes us to never go weary in well-doing, for in due season we will reap the reward if we do not lose heart. Today, make somebody happy. Do an unpredicted act of kindness. It could be as easy as saying thank you. Let us pray: Our heavenly Father, as we live out the rest of our life on this earth, may we personally strive each day to be a blessing to someone. In Your precious name, we pray, amen.