Eloise Prater

Volunteer, Park Centre / Willowbrook Adult Day

Eloise was born and raised in Southern California and attended a local college where she met her husband John. She then went on to nursing school at LA County General Hospital. She and her husband pastored three churches all over the United States and even spent three years in Haiti as missionaries before settling down in Iowa.

They raise two biological sons and fostered over 14 children-many to which they still have relationships with.  Eloise had a wonderful 40-year career in nursing where she worked in many different areas. Her last nursing job was with the Veteran’s Administration where she was a Hospice Nurse. In the late 90’s she was part of the National VA Hospice Strategic Planning Committee that brought Hospice into the VA system. She then worked as the Hospice Coordinator before retiring in 2008.

In her spare time Eloise likes to sew, volunteer, play the piano and recently began learning Tai-chi. One of her favorite things to do is work with and mentor young girls in her church.  


Read the Transcript of Eloise's Devotional:

Good morning. This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

We don’t know what this day holds, but God does. As our master provider, God empowers us to reflect His love by sharing “an attitude of gratitude.” Too often, we take life for granted. For example, we enjoy the shade of a tree not thinking about who planted the tree. Or we lose sight of the source of all life events and want to complain or take personal credit. We must remember to express gratitude to God in ALL circumstances.

In times of challenging difficulties, we must be careful to look for lessons to be learned and express gratitude for God’s guidance. Remember that results are not to our credit. God is the Master Provider. Part of His special plan for our lives is to be good stewards of the many blessings received from an unseen giver.

When we enjoy the blessings of daily life, we need to express gratitude to others for working with the Master Provider to make good things happen. This gives us opportunity for the spirit of friendship. Our relationships must include dignity and integrity for each other in God’s plan. He empowers us to love one another.

Let us pray: God, help us remember you as the Master Provider who empowers us to provide with and for each other. May we understand the value of our lives in your eyes. Thank you for being our Father and for teaching us through the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.