Edythe Hill

Resident, The Village

Edy was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and grew up on a farm near Fontanelle, Iowa. She attended Iowa State University, obtaining a bachelor's degree before moving on to graduate studies at Rutger State University. Edy also completed a course of study through Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. In 1962, she married Rev. Arthur Hill, with whom she raised three children. She worked a variety of jobs including 10 years with Extension Services in Iowa and New Jersey, 10 years operating a stained-glass shop, 17 years as a United Methodist pastor and 3 years at a Presbyterian church. Her hobbies include walking and nature and wild life photography. In December 2013 she moved to a townhome at The Village in Indianola, where she currently resides.


Read the Transcript of Edy's Devotional:

Our scripture is Deuteronomy 6, verses 10-12: We build on foundations we did not lay; we warm ourselves at fires we did not light. We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant; we drink from wells we did not dig. We profit from persons we did not know; we are ever bound in relationship.

Have you ever had the props knocked out from under you? We’ve all experienced times where something major happens and we just don’t know how we can go on. Maybe it was a doctor’s diagnosis that we weren’t prepared for, or the loss of a job and with it the income to support and house our family. Or maybe we’re faced with the fact that we’re just growing old and we can no longer scoop the snow or mow the lawn and take care of the house.

For me, that time came when my 40-year-old daughter and my husband of 53 years were both terminally ill. It’s in these times that we come to know the importance of having a sturdy foundation in our belief in God, and know that God is always there for us. We’re reminded of how God was with Moses and his people and the parables in the wilderness. And we’re reminded of the times in our own lives when God has held us up and kept us moving on. It is at these times that we give thanks for the people and the facilities that supported us and helped us.

Having this nursing home right across the street from my townhouse when my husband was ill allowed me to be with him and also care for my daughter. Having the supportive staff and friends here at the Village in Indianola helped me through these difficult days. They still give me support. I am thankful for God’s continued presence in my life, and for all of the people, known and unknown, who support us during these difficult times.