Cliff Dyas

Director of Facilities, Hearthstone

Cliff Dyas was born in Springfield, Illinois, and grew up in a large Catholic family of six brothers and two sisters, of which he is number six. He married Sabra Reynolds July 30,1983. Sabra and Cliff gave their hearts to the Lord, and Sabra’s call into pastoral ministry took them to Wilmore, Kentucky, in 2001.

Cliff worked for a residential treatment facility for youth as the Director of Facilities, overseeing three campuses in Lexington, Bowling Green, and Louisville until once again the Lord called and moved the family to western Kansas in 2004. Cliff and Sabra pastored a rural Free Methodist Church, and Cliff worked for a critical access hospital/long-term care facility as the Director of Facilities. He began leading worship and preaching while Sabra was traveling, and that led him into the ordination track in the Free Methodist Church.

Cliff and Sabra received the Lord’s call to Pella, Iowa, in December 2010 to launch the workplace ministry side of MSM. Cliff now works as the Director of Facilities for Hearthstone and is also the Development Director of MSM. He is very passionate about working for the Lord and helping those around him see their workplace as a daily opportunity to be His hands and feet. Cliff has entered the Apollos program in the FMC, working his way toward ordination.

Cliff has four beautiful children as well as two daughters-in-law and a son-in-law. The Lord has also blessed him with eight grandchildren. Cliff realizes that he is so blessed to be serving the Lord and living under His grace and power.


Read the Transcript of Cliff's Devotional:

Greetings to you as we continue to celebrate together WelseyLife Week and all the blessings the Lord has poured over this ministry. 

I’d like for us to continue meditating on our verses from Deuteronomy Chapter 6, verses 10-12: We build on foundations we did not lay.  We warm ourselves by fires that we did not light.  We sit in the shade of trees that we did not plant.  We drink from wells we did not dig.  We profit from persons we did not know.  We are ever bound in relationship.  This was Moses addressing and speaking to the Israelites right before they went into the promised land, knowing that these people were going to receive many gifts and profit from things that they did not work for. 

It is easy to become prideful, or boastful, and say "Look at us; look at what we did,” but just like the Israelites, this happens when we take our eyes off of the Giver of every good and perfect gift.  The Israelites were in good spirits, and even content, when they were following the Lord. The cloud by day, the pillar fire at night; however, they seemed to start their complaining and grumbling when they would stop and take their eyes off the Lord, and start saying things like "Are we almost there?" You know how many of us, as parents, heard those things when we were on a journey with our children. They learned much on their journey, and so have we. 

For 70 years, WesleyLife has been on this ministry journey, looking to the needs and caring for others, for older adults.  We are all in ministry together, no matter our title or position, and we all share the same goal and destination.  God is a relational God, and he designed us to be relational people.  Caring for one another.  Helping one another.

Just as he told us in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8: In our world we call work secular and church word, ministry; however, the word "secular" literally means the absence of God, which we do not accept.  The Lord is always with us, just as he was with the Israelites, and we acknowledge him in all that we do, and we thank him for all that he has done, all that he is doing, and all that he is going to do in the years ahead to the ministry of WesleyLife.

So many people we have never met started this journey 70 years ago, caring for retired pastors and their spouses, and we get the honor and the privilege of continuing on with our piece of this journey -- with our eyes focused on our Leader, remembering those before, loving and caring for those we are currently with, and leaving behind a strong foundation for others to build on when we are gone. Have a joy-filled day and remainder of this week-long celebration, and may God continue to bless us and the ministry of WesleyLife.