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About WesleyLife

Dear friends,

We have a pretty cool job at WesleyLife. We get to bring passion and energy to our daily interactions with older adults-which means we have the

opportunity to witness first hand that living longer doesn't mean we have to "get old."


As part of the transformation of the aging experience, we're taking the preconceived ideas of "getting old" and throwing them out the window. We think what really matters is how old you feel. We firmly believe and know life can be meaningful at any age.


By believing in the power of health and well-being, we want to engage and empower others to live a long, healthy life. Who wouldn't want to live long, and be healthy? I join you in raising my hand to that!


Our ministry is thriving not only on our campuses but also throughout the communities we serve. As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, WesleyLife employs its resources, staff and facilities to serve the greater community- including a $1.2 million investment for those who are unable to pay for services and more than 43,000 volunteer hours caring for aging adults.


Drawing on our rich heritage, we're excited to look to the future and continue to pioneer the transformation of the aging experience.


In good health,

Rob Kretzinger

President and CEO, WesleyLife




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